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The net's biggest archive of patches for handheld console games.

August 2006: Due to real life commitments you may have noticed a total lack of updates here in the past 12 months. Over the next few days I will try to get the site back up to date for GBA releases, but will not be adding patches for more recent handheld systems. Effectively, as the GBA scene comes to an end so will updates to this site. No Frills will continue to be available. Many of the files here are not available elsewhere on the net. The archive here represents over 7 years of collecting, with some files now dating back over 10 years! Enjoy.

For the only Handheld Scene Chart Archive, 1994 to Present. Click here. Charts last updated 2005-07-03. Handheld_Scene_Chart_June_2005-HSC & Nintendo_DS_June_2005_Chart-PocketHeaven.

There are currently 1250 patches in the archive.

SmartIPS (v1.1, from Dextrose) is recommended for applying the patches.
SramPatch (v2.2, by Dadycool) will save fix most GBA games (including EEPROM_V124 games) for which there is not a specific patch. Either run from a command prompt, or drag and drop your roms onto the srampatch executable.

If you have any patches or charts that are missing from the site please mail them to bubbzATpocketheavenDOTcom.

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